company profile

AACC is a certified consultant firm operating in Saudi Arabia since 1993, it is strategically located in the heart of Saudi Arabia

With combined team experiences spanning over 50 years in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) markets, AACC team operate on the principle of solid partnership with clients to build and strengthen their leap to the 21st century Technology enabling in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.

AACC helps overseas companies bring their high-quality technology investment to the region’s dynamic economy; offering its expertise and its extensive network that have been proven in successful stages of local market analysis, market penetration and local operation support.

Some of our services portfolio encompasses strategy building, ICT skills development, management of projects operations, site support and Market Analysis. Our mission is to provide the highest innovative quality services and solutions to businesses organisations as well as end user. 


Over the years, we have been providing our services to a large variety of overseas Companies, Manufacturers, Systems Integrators and VARs in the following fields:

-          Computer hardware, software, networking.

-          Business Intelligence.

-          Outsourcing.

-          IT market strategy & management.

-          Infrastructure transformation.

-          Systems integration.

-          Technology consulting. 

-          Satellite Communications Systems.

-          Secure Communications Systems and customized solutions and services.

-          Automation and Utility Systems.

-          Electronic Key Management Systems and Intelligent Access Control.

      -     Precision Electronic test equipment.